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Wicker umbrella stand
Wicker umbrella stand
Wicker umbrella stand
Wicker umbrella stand

Wicker umbrella stand


1 Wicker umbrella stand in stock.


Add a natural touch to your home's entryway with this elegant woven wicker umbrella stand. Perfect for keeping your umbrellas tidy, this piece combines functionality and handcrafted beauty, making it an ideal choice for any home setting.

Material: High quality natural wicker

Color: Light brown, with a finish that enhances the natural grain of the wicker

Design: Traditional cylindrical shape with a wide opening for easy insertion and removal of umbrellas

Craftsmanship: Hand-woven with great attention to detail, each piece is unique and reflects skilled craftsmanship

Stability: Sturdy and stable base, designed to prevent tipping even when loaded with umbrellas

Versatility: Suitable for both long and foldable umbrellas, can also be used for other items such as walking sticks

Maintenance: Easy to clean with a dry or slightly damp cloth

Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight to preserve the natural color of the wicker This wicker umbrella stand is not only a functional accessory but also a decorative element that adds warmth and character to your entryway. Its timeless design and the quality of the materials make it a perfect complement for modern, country or shabby chic style cases.

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