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Industrial chandelier
Industrial chandelier
Industrial chandelier

Industrial chandelier


1 Industrial chandelier in stock.

 This vintage industrial chandelier stands out for its unique design, which combines elements of retro style with modern functionality, the shape recalls the first industrial lighting models

Material: Made entirely of metal, with a silver finish that gives an authentic and timeless look. The top features a curved structure with visible rivets, giving it a touch of industrial craftsmanship.

Light Diffuser: The lower part of the chandelier is equipped with an opal glass diffuser that softens the light, creating pleasant and diffused lighting. This makes it perfect for both domestic and commercial environments, such as lofts, restaurants or shops.

Support and Fixing: The chandelier is suspended via a sturdy cable and an adjustable chain, allowing you to adjust the height as needed. The ceiling support is also made of metal, ensuring stability and safety. 

Condition: Excellent condition, with slight signs of wear that highlight its authenticity and age, without compromising its functionality or aesthetics.

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